Promoting Visalus – Business Cards & Flyers

It’s easy to use this duplicatable website for your own sponsoring…

Just use the following web address format when you are referring people online or through email and your id# will be automatically inserted in the appropriate places on this website. Of course, replace “yourid” with the numeric id# that you were assigned when you joined Visalus – you can find your id# in your welcome email. Note: do not use the “nickname” you chose after you joined…

Note: Absolutely No Spamming to this website will be tolerated. You will be blocked from using this site and possibly removed from the Visalus program. Any form of emailing people who you do not personally know is considered spamming.

Promotional Flyers and Business Cards

Just hand these out to your contacts or post them on bulletin boards…

Note: These are simple pdf files and you’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open them. 99% of computers already have this installed, but if your’s does not, you can get it free at 

Just open the document and fill in your information and then print it out. You will not be able to save the filled out forms – just print them out.

8.5×11     Note: enter your numeric id# in the space after the web address. There is also a blank line below that where you should enter your name, phone#, email address, etc.

Sheet of 10 business    Note: enter your numeric id# in the space after the web address. There are also two lines below that where you can enter your name (1st line) and phone# & email address (2nd line). Tip: enter your ID# and other two lines just once in the first card and then cut/paste it into the other 9 spots on the form. Just select the text Ctrl A, cut with Ctrl C, and paste with Ctrl V.

Compatible with Avery template 8371 [10 per page] card stock available at any Office Depot.


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