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Energy Drink Comparison

Here’s a comparison chart that compares the most popular energy drinks. As you can see, Visalus Neuro is healthy for you and contains unique ingredients like DMAE, Arginine, and Rhodiola that make it outperform the competition. Have you ever tasted a red Bull? They are pretty nasty in my opinion. No so with Visalus Neuro… I was surprised at how great they taste. Visalus Neuro comes in two flavors… Raspberry and Lemon. And they are more convenient than a can too – just take a bottle of water, take a sip, pour in a packet of the Visalus Neuro energy drink, shake it up, and start drinking! Or just stir it into a glas of water. It’s that easy! And it is less expensive than the competition to boot! The powder packets make it more convenient and cheaper to ship too! What are you waiting for – give Visalus Neuro a try! Note… the table below is standardized to compare 1 real serving. i.e. one can, one pouch of Neuro, one 2 oz shot of 5 Hour, etc…

  Visalus Neuro Red Bull Cocaine Monster Rock Star Full Throttle Sobe No Fear NOS 5 Hour Energy
(2 oz)
Calories 12 220 140 200 240 220 280 220 8 267
DMAE (brain Fuel) Y N N N N N N N N N
Arginine Y N N N N N N N N N
Caffeine (mg) 45 115 280 160 160 144 156 260 80 142
Sugar (grams) 1 54 36 54 62 57 70 52 0 56
B Vitamins Y Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
C Vitamins Y N Y N Y N Y Y N N
Taurine (mg) 100 1000 750 1000 1892 2000 1000 2000 Y 10
Rhodiola for Endurance Y N N N N N N N N N
Green Tea Y N N N N N N N N N
Est. Price per Serving $1.60 $1.99 $3.75 $1.99 $1.99 $2.49 $2.19 $1.92 $2.00 $2.04


Neuro Energy Drink Test Drive


I’m excited to tell you about a very good test drive of the Visalus Neuro Energy Drink

Last weekend (Dec 10-11, 2010) I did a barbecue contest in Perry, FL which is about 5 hours from my home in Savannah, GA. Barbecue contests are hard work involving 2 days of preparing and packing the trailer, a day of seNeuro Energy Drinktup and meat preparation, the hectic day of the contest, the awards ceremony usually around 5:00 Saturday afternoon, and then packing everything up again and driving home.

Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? Well… to tell you the truth, it’s exhausting! And to make things worse, the awards ceremony was two hours late. So… around 8:00 Saturday night, after an exhausting day that started at 4:00 AM, I hit the road back to Savannah.

I knew for sure I would start falling asleep at the wheel about 15 minutes down the road. But… I came prepared – two bottles of water and my Neuro Energy Drink packets. When I first started to feel drowsy, I opened a bottle of water, took a sip, ripped open the packet of Lemon flavored Neuro and poured it in the bottled water. A quick shake and I started drinking the refreshing lemon energy drink.

It started working almost immediately… no more drowsiness for the next two hours. In my condition, I knew it wouldn’t last 4 hours like it usually does, so I drank another Raspberry flavored Neuro two hours later.

Worked Like a Charm!

I was awake and alert the entire drive. And I am 110% certain I would have fallen asleep at the wheel without it. I’ve tried other energy drinks in the past and they made me feel jittery and sort of awake but not alert – sort of asleep with my eyes wide open if you know what I mean. Neuro didn’t give me any unnatural feelings – I just felt wide awake and alert the entire drive.

In my opinion, Visalus is worth joining just because of their Neuro Energy Drinks!

I love the stuff!
Bill Anderson